We are all about fuelling your audiology adventure and making you the hearo - whether you're the hearo to others or whether you're the hearo of your own journey to better hearing. Either way hearing is glorious, so be the hearo of your own story as a clinician or consumer.

This is Audiology reimagined, refined and resilient.


For the independent audiology provider, whether you're a clinician or not, you need to focus on what's important: clinical and customer service. We are the hearo to the rescue for back office clean up, staff training, hiring, and turnkey solutions for your expansion. We also are the hearo in crisis with turnaround solutions.

Our services are tailored to your needs, based on a free consultation and written Summary of Work (SOW) so you know exactly what is happening, with live real-time updates and you reap the rewards. Services include:

  • HR anon: hire a hearo or be a hearo that gets hired! Send us a resume, where you want to work and what you want to do if you're looking for a clinical or management position in hearing care and we'll protect your identity as we find you a position that matches what you're looking for. That way, your current opportunities aren't at risk
  • Turnkey: become a hearo of your own! Want to be your own boss? We'll get it set up for you and hand you the keys. Location, lease, staff, systems, equipment, furniture, all you have to do is show up
  • Corporate Escape: become a hearo on a team! want to be free of the micromanagement and limited income potential of the corporate chain without the risk of doing it all yourself? If turnkey isn't for you then ECC may be the answer. We can connect you with buying groups, independent chains, or independent investors so you don't carry the whole risk, but work with fun, smart achievers so you'll feel right at home.
  • Turnaround: get a hearo to the rescue! Need a reboot? Margins too tight, income streams drying up? If you're struggling, we'll turn it around for you
  • Process Enhancement: get your team to become even more hearoic! Training for the team or individuals in management, administration, operations or clinical care including front end efficiencies and customer service training, improving the intake, testing, sales, fitting and follow up processes and enhancing overall efficiencies
  • AuD Coach: get a hearo on board! with on-site or remote assistance clinically or business-related, for a specific project or a season in your business growth, we can come alongside and walk with you, bounce your ideas off of us or we'll give you ideas to maximize your opportunity and help you carpe your diem
  • Retained Access: get some superhearo powers anytime you need a boost! Sometimes you may just want to have a friend to call, someone to bounce ideas around with, and by having on retainer is your instant connection to all resources as needs arise.
  • Resources: hearo stuff at your disposal! Materials to get ou where you need to go including training materials, interview and hiring material, patient and clinical handouts, presentations to various audiences and more. Whatever resource you need, we can get it to you.


For the consumer, we offer lots of support. We're independent and experienced.

  • 2nd Opinions: you may have a recommendation for hearing aids or a diagnosis you want to get another opinion on
  • Recommendations: about pricing, product, services, providers, and clinics - just ask your question on the contact form and we'll set up a call

We have resources on tinnitus, hearing loss, hearing aids, and hearing in noise solutions that you may want to access for yourself, your kids or your parents.

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