You're a Hearo

The world of hearing and hearing loss is a challenging place.

As a clinician, you're a hearo to all the people you've given the gift of restored hearing, the ability to hear better in noise, and connect with their world better. You care, you invest yourself, you empathize and you counsel your patients with passion.

As a clinic owner, you're a hearo by running an amazing hearing clinic despite all the challenges you face. As an independent owner and clinician, you are up against a lot of challenges. Yet you overcome, day by day, to compete against giants, be heard despite the marketing noise, and sort through the nitty gritty of back office admin.

As a consumer, you're a hearo of your own hearing loss journey, seeking the best solutions, the best advice, the best input for the best results. That's where we come in. If you have quesions, we have answers so ask us! For the consumer, you may want a recommendation for hearing aids or a second opinion on a recommendation or diagnosis you received. Let us be your hearo to advise you about pricing, product, services, and outcomes that you may not have realized are out there for you. We have resources on tinnitus, hearing loss, hearing aids, and more!

We're all hearoes here - the consumer, the clinic and us, supporting you both. Let your superpower shine every day!

Hearos aren't alone

Every Hearo has a sidekick and needs fuel so they can do their superpower thing. This is where you get refueled. Let us be your supportive sidekick and formidable fuel for your adventures.

You be the Hearo, we'll help you shine.

Resources for Today's Audiology Practice

Audiology is not just testing hearing and fitting hearing aids. Consulting to independents isn't new. But our approach is much more personal, reflective, productive and innovative with proven systems that will allow you to amplify your superpowers and be the Hearo. recognizes your heroeic achievements, and provides independent clinicians and their consumers with answers, perspective and resources to make the most out of the treatment experience.

For the independent clinician, there's a new business and clinical reality and the game is changing. Although you're smart, skilled and savvy, having a sidekick to help your success accelerate just makes sense. Focus on what you do best, let us do the rest.

Our Niche

There are buying groups that give you some business servics and group discounts. There are investor-schemes for minority or majority shareholder status and cost-sharing with profit-sharing. These are all tying you into constraints. Not us. Hearo is a personal service where we in-source and out-source services that you need to get whatever job done that needs doing. It is low cost, retainer-based, and always-available. A business support resource that you use as much or as little of as you like, without giveing away the farm. Talk to Markus Hilbert, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology, Founder of, and find out how he can make your challenge an opportunity, your project a profit and your kryptonite go away.

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