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Hearo is part of the Hearo Hearing Hub bringing together leading names in Audiology, resources and access to information unlike anything online.

It is independent and unbiased with relevant info from real people for real people. We’re not AI, we’re not industry-supported, we simply host audiology related resources for the consumers’ benefit.

There are more services and features coming, stay tuned or you can follow our Facebook page, you can also join our Facebook group or subscribe to our updates. We promise not to spam you! is consumer-facing Audiology Initiative, and is a professional-facing Audiology Initiative, both are part of the Hearo Hearing Hub Inc.

Second Opinions

Reach out and ask your questions, share your thoughts and concerns and let Dr. Markus Hilbert, Au.D., shed some light on the matter to help guide you in the right direction and give you more information specific to you that you may want to consider before making a decision on what you do about your hearing loss, product purchase, treatment plan, tinnitus management or wherever your journey has taken you.


Get recommendations about pricing, product, services, providers, and clinics – just ask your question on the contact form and we’ll set up a call or schedule a call directly with calendly. This is basic information that helps you create a plan to execute locally, answer your questions or provide general information about conditions.


We can provide consults to you and your family and provide specific information on conditions, provide personal treatment for tinnitus and retail hearing in noise technology to use with or without hearing aids, retail hearing aids at significant discounts, and have them sent to a local clinic for proper professional fitting. Some tele-health services are regulated and can only be provided in some constituencies.

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Here to help you get the most out of your hearing and create a roadmap for your hearing loss journey.

Dr. Markus Hilbert, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology

Markus is an experienced Doctor of Audiology practicing in Canada, trained in the USA. He is passionate about hearing care, and has set up outreach clinics in Malawi and India, brought hearing care to remote Canadian locations that did not have full service before, specializes in a bunch of different areas, and has 25+ years of experience. He lives in Kelowna BC with his wife and 3 daughters and 2 cats. He loves to connect with people, advocate for consumer and patient wellness and provide unparalleled service online an in-person. His dream is to create this hub for leading names in the industry to contribute, share and relate with consumers looking for straight answers.

Markus has built a career and reputation on having values that are about holistic hearing health, empathetically using his expertise, experience and education to serve others. He is an advocate that hearing care should be accessible and affordable. He advocates respect for hearing, restoring hearing lost and retraining the brain with aural rehab, adaptation, and habituation in treatment, appropriate use of technology and extensive testing as the basis for understanding hearing, hearing loss and hearing conditions. The EAR is at the hEARt of what Markus does and what HEARO stands for. Love your Hearing.


I would highly recommend this free consultation…which was WAY more than I ever imagined. He provided an extremely fascinating deduction of how my tinnitus has come about, and gave me so many options for my next steps. It was a truly awesome education about my hearing, how the ear works, and so much more.I can’t recommend Dr. Hilbert, Au.D. more, as he’s the only one who does a complete and free consultation and truly takes the time to really understand your overall health and other factors that contribute to hearing issues. TEN STARS! Thank you!

Audrey Henderson

Dr. Hilbert, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology is amazing. He explained everything clearly, showed me the test results that were more detailed than I had ever seen before. I would encourage and recommend him to everyone who is having problems to talk to him before doing anything.  You won’t be disappointed!

Brenda Jones

I absolutely can attest to the importance of Dr. Hilbert, Au.D.’s involvement with people that have tinnitus and/or hearing loss. Having someone that listens really matters. To have someone understand and make attempts to address the hearing loss and tinnitus that plagues day to day activities has mental health benefits which can not be understated. Addressing the ringing, buzzing, wobble or any other noise from the tinnitus that may be caused by or in part by PTSD is key to quality of life improvements. I believe that his involvement with my tinnitus was a factor in my ability to address and make significant progress in reducing the impacts this was having on my daily life.  

Dalton King


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